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Board meeting: Oct 4, 2008

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Agenda for first IGSA meeting

I. Money

(Lilly for Eric)

   * Review last year's spending (eric sent me info)
   * This year's budget status

II. Organization

(Lilly & Marisa)

   * Process for choosing student reps for dept committees (They want representatives)
   * Reevaluate current board structure. Anything that needs to be tweaked?
   * Decide when board should be turned over to new leadership (mechanisms, transition plan, timing)
   * IGSA website

III. Social events


   * Kickoff event to get everyone together, maybe make a few IGSA announcements?
   * Coffee hour

IV. Space

(Joel? Marisa?)

   * Student lounge update: We have a great space! Gillian and Gary are the faculty in charge of it.

Meeting Notes

I. Money

Last year's spending

  • Budget:
    • 200 from Informatics
    • 75 from AGS
  • Questions:
    • Can we still submit for reimbursement from AGS for expenses last year? No.
  • Outstanding Item:
    • How much does Nithya still need reimbursed?

This year's budget

  • Question: What will be the budget from the department?
  • Action Item: Draft a budget for this year

II. Organization

Faculty Committees

  • Informatics Committees Open to anyone
    • Ugrad Recruiting and Outreach
    • Ugrad Curriculum and Policy
    • Grad Recruit and Outreach
  • Informatics Committees Open to Senior Students only
    • Grad Admissions
    • Grad Curriculum and Policy
    • "Org" Recruiting Committee (qualifications- in the area, trustworthy - faculty vet?)
  • Optional Informatics Committees
    • Info seminar and website
  • ICS Committees
    • ICS Graduate Policy
    • ICS External Relations

Selecting Faculty Committee Representatives

  • Action Items
    • Send an email with committees descriptions, with caveat to get permission from advisor
    • Create a wiki for sign-up
    • Choose a Deadline for sign-up
  • Questions
    • Is it one or two per committee? - Some one, some two
    • Masters and PhD ok? Yes, but no quota.
  • Terms for the Faculty Committee Reps
    • Will be synced up with the faculty positions for committees which are determined during the summer.
    • Selection will take place early Fall Quarter.
    • The terms will run Fall to Spring with the exception of the Recruit and Outreach which runs through orientation in the Fall.

IGSA Board

  • Officers:
    • Co-President - Marisa
    • Co-president - Lilly
    • Treasurer - Eric
    • Social Chair - Nithya
    • Technology Chair - Joel
  • Members:
    • Silvia
  • Committees:
    • Chairs can enlist volunteer committee members as needed
  • Term:
    • Fall to Spring with some overlap with new officers for transition
  • Selection:
    • Officers election in the Spring
      • Outstanding issue - What process for nomination? Same as for Faculty committees?
    • Committees by sign-up on a wiki at the discretion of the chair
  • Action Items
    • Create committee sign-up wiki
  • Other potential IGSA committees:
    • Ask for input on committees and come up with any new ones in the Spring
    • Masters student participation in IGSA - at Kick-off make an announcement to ask for Masters student participation

IGSA website

  • List of officers
  • link to EEE wiki page for meeting notes
  • a list links and resources (e.g. wiki of tips for grad students, luci lab)
  • link to EEE wiki sign-ups for IGSA committees
  • link to EEE wiki sign-ups for Faculty Committee Representives
  • All the IGSA board meetings are open to anyone and dates will be announced
  • how to get on blahblah
  • calendar
  • news
  • contact us
  • Emeritus section to list past committee members acknowledge their hard work
  • Action item: Joel decide how we can submit content

III. Social events


  • Action Items:
    • Kick-off proposal to get money
    • Set date for kick-off - next week, lunch
    • Get the word out, at least 1 week in advance
  • Kick-off Ideas:
    • Short announcements
    • Introductions
    • Games

Coffee Hour

  • Yes we will have a Coffee Hour
  • Coffee Hour will start week 4
  • Action Item: We should keep Sign-up sheets for all of our events to show we have attendance

IV. Space

  • Joel will be on the Faculty commitee

V. Other

  • Google group for Board - Lilly will make it