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Nursing Science/EBP

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Evidence-Based Practice Filters for CINAHL

These evidence-based filters for the Cummulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health (CINAHL) were developed by librarians at the University of Rochester and Ann McKibbon and Cindy Walker-Dilks of McMaster University. Copy the language below each heading and paste into the CINAHL search box. Then enter your search terms (e.g. gestational diabetes), and search. This should help you craft a more focused CINAHL search.


TX accuracy Or TX likelihood ratio* Or TX false negative* Or TX false positive* Or TX predictive value* Or TX sensitivit* or TX specificit* Or (PT "research") Or (PT "practice guidelines") or (PT "systematic review") Or (PT nursing diagnoses) Or (MH "Professional Practice, Research-Based+") Or (MH "nursing assessment") Or (MH "clinical assessment tools") Or (MH "reproducibility of results") Or (MH "Diagnosis, Differential") Or (MH "Observer bias+") Or (MH "Diagnostic Errors+") Or (MH "Measurement Issues and Assessments+")


TX odds ratio* or TX aetiol* or TX etiol* or TX causation Or TX causal* or TX relative risk* or TX risk* or TX case control* or TX cohort* or (PT "research") or (MH "research") or (MH "Epidemiological Research+") or (MH "Professional Practice, Research-Based+") or (MH " Nonexperimental studies+") or (MH "odds ratio") or (MH "risk factors+") or (MH "prospective studies+") or (MH "case control studies+") or (MH "Analytic Research")


TX course or TX outcomes* or TX clinical course or TX prognostic factor or TX predic* or TX inception cohort* or TX prognos* or TX natural history or (PT "research") or (MH "nonexperimental studies+") or (MH "recurrence") or (MH "time factors") or (MH "disease progression") or (MH "survival analysis+") or (MH "mortality+") or (MH " morbidity+") or (MH "Outcomes (Health Care)+") or (MH "prognosis+") or (MH "prospective studies+")


TX control* trial* or TX intention to treat or TX sham Or TX mask* or TX placebo* or TX double blind Or TX single blind Or TX triple blind or TX efficacy Or TX effectiveness or TX random* or PT critical path Or PT care plan Or PT protocol or PT nursing interventions or PT practice guidelines Or PT systematic review or PT research Or PT clinical trial or (MH "Outcomes (Health Care)+") or (MH "Professional Practice, Research-Based+") or (MH "Research") or (MH "random sample+") or (MH "community trials") or (MH "experimental studies") or (MH "study design") or (MH "comparative studies") or (MH "placebos") or (MH "sample size") or (MH "random assignment") or (MH "clinical trials+") or (MH "patient selection") or (MH "Crossover Design") or (MH "Meta Analysis") or (MH "Research Methodology") or (MH "Clinical Research+") or (MH "Reproducibility of Results") or (MH "Pilot Studies")


TX pooled data or TX der simonian or TX dersimonian or TX web of science or TX isi citation or TX science citation or TX scisearch or TX embase or TX psyc?lit or TX psyc?info or TX cinahl or TX medline or TX fixed effect* or TX peto or TX manual search* or TX hand search* or TX handsearch* or TX research integration or TX integrative research review* or TX methodologic* review* or TX methodologic* overview* or TX quantitative review* or TX quantitative overview* or TX systematic review* or TX systematic overview* or TX metanaly* or TX meta analy* or TX metaanaly* or (PT "critical path") or (PT "protocol") or (PT "care plan") or (PT "nursing interventions") or (PT "practice guidelines") or (PT "systematic review") or (MH "literature searching+") or (MH "literature review") or (MH "meta analysis")

Qualitative Research

(MH "cluster sample+") or TX life experiences or TX human science or TX discourse* analysis or TX narrative analysis or TX lived experience* or TX field research or TX field studies or TX field study or TX giorgi* or TX husserl* or TX merleau ponty* or TX van kaam* or TX van manen* or TX spiegelberg* or TX colaizzi* or TX heidegger* or TX participant observ* or TX data saturat* or TX semiotics or TX heuristic or TX hermeneutic* or TX etic or TX emic or TX focus group* or TX purpos* sampl* or TX constant comparison or TX constant comparative or TX grounded research or TX grounded studies or TX grounded study or TX grounded theor* or TX phenomenol* or TX ethnon* or TX qualitative or (MH "ethnological research") or (MH "ethnography") or (MH "phenomenology") or (MH "focus groups") or (MH "discourse analysis") or (MH "theoretical sample") or (MH "field studies") or (MH "constant comparative method") or (MH "thematic analysis") or (MH "content analysis") or (MH "observational method+") or (MH "purposive sample") or (MH "qualitative validity+") or (MH "grounded theory") or (MH "ethnonursing research") or (MH "phenomenological research") or (MH "ethnographic research") or (MH "qualitative studies")

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